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Daredevil is one of those strange characters for me, although he has a history among readers, I honestly have never cared for him.

Although, his alter ego does appeal to me if I had to judge a book by its cover I would choose Matt Murdock over Daredevil in a heartbeat. A blind lawyer working in Hell’s Kitchen seems to have more depth than red tights.

[I might seem biased since I myself use corrective lenses.]

When the first trailer broke for the first season I was definitely in. I missed Season 2 when it first premiered online, having finally caught up I would have to say that the Netflix Marvel Universe is better than the Marvel Cinematic Universe [in my opinion].

:// MCU vs NMU

Marvel has done an excellent job at working their properties, considering that they were on the verge of bankruptcy in the early 90s it’s amazing to witness what they have achieved since 2008. Before ‘08 Ted Raimi’s Spiderman was the best Marvel movie out there. I actually preferred Blade, it’s funny that many fans don’t remember that first gem from Stephen Norrington. Hell, everyone knows “the Blade song”.

The theatrical efforts have been fantastic no doubt, but as a fan that grew up with the comics, it’s great to see adult stories for us older fans.

The MCU has always felt fun and safe, the NMU [so far] has been much more dark and gritty. The idea of being a superhero sounds fantastic, but the Netflix series shows us that people are the biggest story. The heroes and villains are shown in a new light, they all have issues, series, dark issues. For example, in Iron Man 3 we saw Tony Stark suffering from PTSD, which is extremely serious, however in the movie we see him overcome his condition rather quickly.

In Daredevil we see how Matt struggles with his normal life and being the Devil from Hell’s Kitchen. Every fight is bone crushing real, usually having Matt return to his apartment covered in blood and with many broken bones.

Not to mention, we get much more character development throughout the series, in the movie’s it’s much harder to have more time with each character due to the allotted running time of a feature.

People might not be as forgiving sitting through 3+ hours of cinema [again].


New York has been featured in countless media, comics, movies, etc. It’s always great to see new faces from familiar places. For example, Daredevil and Mr. Robot, although being set in New York they both look and feel extremely different. Which is always a great feeling especially as an outsider looking in.

I live in Chicago, every day I walk its streets and Lakefront I am amazed just as the first time I saw it. I had the same feeling when I saw Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, every location was very similar, streets and places I had visited many, many times before.

But God damn it, this was Gotham baby. My city had suddenly become Gotham City.

One of my biggest attractions to any show is hands down the intro. This is a fine art which everyone enjoys, and the intro to Daredevil is no exception.

Masterfully put together by the amazing Patrick Clair, the intro is downright gorgeous.

Simple, elegant, effective.




There are 3 main stories throughout Daredevil, my personal favorite being The Punisher. The casting of Jon Bernthal was excellent, he was built up throughout the show as a ghost. Once he comes into the picture, he’s like a freight train. Unstoppable.

Hopefully, Luke Cage and Iron Fist are just as good, I need to catch up so I can finally watch The Defenders.