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Horror Legends is a competitive multiplayer survival horror game heavily inspired by the horror movies of the 1980s. Consisting of five players, four of them will play as the victimized “Cast Members”; each with there own strengths and weaknesses and one plays the horrific “Killer”.

As part of the Cast, you will have to explore the environment for items to defend yourself while trying to complete an objective. Once the Cast have completed their objective the Killer will not be able to respawn and then must be killed. So, make sure you save your ammo for when it counts! Sometimes running is the best course of action.

The Cast member with the highest score will become the Killer in the next round. As the Killer, you must use stealth and trickery to kill all the Cast members before they can complete their objective. Once a Cast member is killed off they will switch teams and become the Killer’s minion. Can you survive the night?

– Multiple Maps. Multiple Killers. 3 Cast Members. Tons of Fun.
– Random weapon and objective spawning.
– Scare your friends!

RELEASE DATE: Halloween 20XX

This title was Greenlit by Valve Software & the Steam Community on Steam Greenlight.

This title is currently in Development.


Digital Comic

You can also purchase the very first issue of the Horror Legends comics for your digital collection.

++Horror Legends issue 0++


Development Podcasts


We have been Greenlit! In this Podcast we talk about the current updates for Horror Legends. Also, a small surprise for the Puppet Master Fans! Come join Drake & Roberto!


Drake Kazmierczak – Design Lead & 3D Art
Roberto Aguilar – 3D Art

++PODCAST 04++


In this podcast we discuss the ongoing development of Horror Legends: Punkie’s Revenge. What is the October Games crew watching and playing? Also, come meet and greet Mr Punkie this summer! Only in Seattle!


Drake Kazmierczak – Design Lead & 3D Art
Dan Picirillo – Audio
Roberto Aguilar – 3D Art

++PODCAST 03++


In this Podcast we discover what lead to the creation of October Games, the status of Punkie’s Revenge & Michael Myers the pervert!


Drake Kazmierczak – Design Lead & 3D Art
James Tragesser – Founder & 3D Art
Roberto Aguilar – 3D Art

++PODCAST 02++


In our first podcast we discuss “Who is October Games”, what is “Horror Legends: Punkie’s Revenge” and “What is the status of Puppet Master: The Game”.


Drake Kazmierczak – Design Lead & 3D Art
Dan Picirillo – Audio
Roberto Aguilar – 3D Art

++PODCAST 01++


Space Tanks


Stop the enemy fleet! Crush enemy tanks with retro-boosted space tanks. Destroy their bases on the moons of Pluto, Neptune, and Saturn.

Wreak havoc with great touchscreen controls that let you unleash massive waves of bullets on the heartless enemy. Swipe anywhere on screen to move, tap to shoot. Bounce shots around walls, launch mortars, and send explosive rounds to pulverize everything.

Earth’s most powerful fighting machines have been retro-boosted for space battle. Your commanders will brief you on the capabilities of each tank and see to your provisioning.

As you work your way through the enemy’s outposts, toward the inner planets, the enemy will bring more firepower and whatever they use for brains to stop you. Don’t give up! Push through and destroy the enemy fleet before they get to earth.

Step up and blast their big guns in big battles. Can you defeat them?

– Fast Action
– Awesome Touch Screen Controls
– Powerful Player Tanks
– Boss Battles, Powerups
– Tank and Weapon Upgrades
– Great Soundtrack
– Game Center & Google Play Leaderboards

RELEASE DATE: December 10th 2014

You can download the game for Android OS here.

You can download the game for iOS here.



Puppet Master: The Game


In this Interactive Teaser we give you a small taste of what a Video-Game set in the Puppet Master Universe would be like.

In this Teaser you play as Blade; the most iconic of the Puppets. As Blade you can explore the workshop from Puppet Master 2 and locate the other Puppets.

Once you locate all the Puppets you will be treated to something special…

– Explore The Bodega Inn.
– Play as the Iconic Puppet Blade.
– Search for Pinhead, Torch & Jester.
– Could there be more hidden Icons from the Puppet Master Series?

RELEASE DATE: September 1st 2014

You can download the Interactive Teaser here.

You can also download the Multiplayer Prototype here.

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